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$wg Spam Regex will affect all user groups; even members of the sysop and bureaucrats user groups will be disallowed saving a text, if it matches $wg Spam Regex.

This standard challenge has a twist: The first winner of the challenge gets to select the dates for herself and the dates for the second and third place finishers. Because she gets to pick all three matches for the date, Emma selects Stephen for herself out of spite.Anybody that knows Cam knows that he is masculine,” said Monica Morrow, his personal stylist at the time.It was Morrow’s idea for the Harlem rapper to start wearing pink from head to toe in music videos and public appearances. At the 2002 Grammys, he turned heads while wearing that Liberace-like jacket with matching Timberland boots and headband. To his recollection, the next day Cam’ron was pictured on Page Six in , hip-hop was touted as a key influence in fashion.Ok Cupid also doesn’t use automatic age limit filters or scan heavily for copy and paste messages.When searching for girls Ok Cupid has great criteria for sorting, the only downside being to search by body type you need to be a paid member.

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