Pregnant and alone dating Horny chat rooms with a bot

Pregnancy was not planned but I felt I was capable at this point in life.

When I told my bf, was happy and promised to always be there. Got a job here, now lives here in the home (I own).

His idea of discussions is huge over reaction to everything,yelling/ranting,no respect,leaving for hrs at a time,sleeping on the couch & ignoring me,and everything is on his terms. I am now unemployed, very pregnant, very alone and feel like I'm going to lose my mind, I can't breathe. Pls help, have any of you overcome something like this, I need encouragement.

Their baby's daddy abandons them after they announce that they are pregnant. About 2 years into our relationship, he decided to get baptized. It was my way of trying to break the "soul tie." I thought it would be easier by moving away.

Read one Christian woman's account of how her man went ballistic when she informed him that she was expecting their child. I later found out that he did it because he suspected that I might eventually leave him for a man who was born again. The odor was so loud, it was obvious that he had been drinking. Not long after that eerie episode, he asked me to marry him. I should have known better, but I ignored all of the warning signs. He seemed devastated with the news that I was leaving.

Too many single women fall into the trap of being left pregnant and alone.

Although their circumstances may differ… they may be engaged to be married, in a monogamous relationship, have a live-in lover or a casual sex partner, the end result is always the same. Since he attended church, it never even crossed my mind to ask him was he "saved," (born again) until after we had been involved sexually. " I tried to clearly explain salvation, but he still did not understand. After thinking about what I had done, days later I gave the ring back and moved out of state.

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