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Collaborative efforts tend to take the most time compared to other conflict resolution styles, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Thus, a manager cannot use collaboration on trivial disputes or he could quickly overload himself with conflicts.

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Brown The term "reasonable accommodations" refers to changes in the workplace that enable people with disabilities to effectively perform the tasks associated with their job.

Collaboration leads to creative problem-solving and respect amongst coworkers in an organization.

This style finds the root of a problem, such as personal conflicts, and attends to the situation in the least confrontational manner of any conflict-management style.

Understanding the tactics and strategies of others who use competitive styles can assist conflict managers in defusing the negative consequences of competition and working toward a mutual gains approach.

Competitive tactics include: - Lying - Concealing one's own goals - Concealing one's own interests - Attacking or criticizing the other person verbally - Becoming positional, and then incrementally compromising toward a middle ground - Elevating one's own arguments - Denigrating or rejecting the other's arguments - Threatening and bluffing - Denying responsibility - Pretending to be or actually being hostile "Whatever you want is fine with me." When one party in a conflict genuinely does not care about the outcome of the conflict, accommodation may be the right choice for that situation.

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